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by Paul J. Sniadecki, MLSA Board Director

Lon Nordeen, MLSA Board Member and Conference Program Coordinator, has been busy developing the Presenters for the MLSA 2019 Annual Conference. Lon reports the following presenters are anticipated to be part of the MLSA 2019 Annual Conference:

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alan D. Steinman, Director Annis Water Resources Institute, Grand Valley State University

PFAS ISSUES and ACTIONS: Invited- Steve Sliver, PFAS Executive Lead; MDEQ, Laura Rubin, Ex Dir Huron River Watershed Council Ann Arbor Case example; Dr. Rick Rediske, Professor, GVSU Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute.

FARMING IMPACTS on LAKES and WATERSHEDS: Tom Zimnicki, MI Environmental Council; Ben Tirrell, Mgr. Right to Farm Program, MI Agriculture and Rural development; water expert-TBD

DEALING WITH THE SPREAD OF AIS and STARRY STONEWORT: Dr. Doug Pullman, Aquest; Dr. Douglas McLaughlin, senior scientist; and Scott Brown.

WAKE BOATS and IMPACTS FOR INLAND LAKES: Michael Smith, Wake Boat Insurance issues; Nicki Polan, EX Dir MBIA; Brett Denese, Boat Sales; Dr. Paul Webb, U of Michigan

UAVs to SUPPORT LAKE MANAGEMENT: Rob Karner, Watershed Biologist, Glen Lake; Jim Hamp, Crystal Lake; and Dennis Wand, Zero Gravity

Lake Levels, Dams and the Role of Drain Commissioners on MI Inland Lakes- Brian J. Cenci, VP Stormwater Management Specialists

The above listing is just the beginning and more sessions are being developed.  Stay tuned for more info about this year’s conference!!!