A Note from MLSA’s Executive Director, Melissa DeSimone: We are pleased that the Michigan DNR is taking a look at the aquatic invasive species (AIS) contamination around their boating access sites. For a full list of all the data compiled through this sampling project, please click here and click on the graphic above, for the full report.

As you may recall, we have also been compiling data from lakes about their AIS infestations and control measures, to take this survey and/or update the information for your lake please click here. So far 145 responses have been recorded and only 10 of those lakes indicated that they are NOT treating for invasive species. 85% or 123 of the lakes are managing Eurasian watermilfoil, 55% or 79 for curly-leaf pond weed, and 49% or 71 for starry stonewort just to highlight a few.

The next meeting of the Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force is later this month and we continue to work with the DNR on these issues.
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