CD3 Systems has launched a cleaning instructions web application available for anyone for FREE.  This program does not require a CD3 System or any tools.

It is called a Check-In, Check-Out program, or a “CICO” for short. We designed this AIS prevention engagement tool to educate boaters on hand cleaning different types of watercraft and trailers. Simply place the QR code at a visible location at your boat launch.

Take a look at (with your phone) use the QR code above or visit: www.CD3CICO.com

Can CD3 help you get your CICO program started? Or, just take the QR code and run the program yourself!  The CICO has a built-in incentive for boaters via a partnership with Fishbrain that provides a free membership.

You can visit the CD3 booth at our Annual Conference to talk with them about this great new offering.

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