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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will continue to accept public comment through Wednesday, Feb. 8, on the National Guard’s proposed expansion of its Camp Grayling training facility to include 162,000 acres of DNR-managed forest land.

The comment period will close at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8. The DNR has been receiving public comments since June 2022, and the DNR and the military have sponsored and appeared at many public meetings to collect feedback throughout the summer and fall regarding the proposed expansion. Several thousand comments have already been shared with the DNR, and staff has been evaluating public input as it is received. A summary of the comments will be posted on the DNR’s Camp Grayling proposal information page.

The DNR will review the feedback received and continue discussions with the military about use of state-managed forest land for military training.

The Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center, including 148,000 acres in and around Grayling, is the largest National Guard training facility in the United States. Michigan military leaders last winter proposed a lease of up to an additional 162,000 acres of state forest land around the existing camp to conduct training activities such as drone operation, cyber and electronic warfare and operation of space and communication systems.

Protecting water and maintaining public recreational access to land have been key concerns expressed by fishing, hunting and conservation groups throughout the comment period.

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