MLSA has been fortunate to work with Dr Jo on several MLSA related projects for many years.  We are happy to share this information:

The MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Greening Michigan Institute has recognized Dr Jo as follows:

Jo A. Latimore has served MSU as an aquatic ecologist and outreach specialist for more than 10 years. In that time, her work in fisheries and wildlife has been extensive, innovative and exemplary in protecting Michigan’s rivers, lakes and streams. The core of her work focuses on outreach and engagement to support lake and stream management. She has grounded these efforts in a deep understanding of the natural and social sciences, making her outreach scholarly and attuned to her audience’s needs. Through this approach, she has devised innovative and effective ways to help community members serve as leaders and effective stewards of their water resources. 

Latimore’s passion for science communication and Michigan’s rivers, lakes and streams has enabled people to make a difference. Through programs such as the Michigan Inland Lake Partnership, Michigan Lake and Stream Leaders Institute and Reducing Invasive Species program, she has engaged thousands of people across Michigan to protect our aquatic resources. 

One of Latimore’s major programs has been the statewide Michigan Clean Water Corps, or MiCorps/CLMP program, a crucial component for keeping valuable water quality records from many lakes across Michigan. Additionally, she has trained volunteers from approximately 250 lakes each year on proper sampling protocols and assessment techniques. She has played a key role in doubling the participation in the accompanying Exotic Plant Watch Program and has written, narrated and acted in several training videos on invasive species identification and management. Her efforts have become models for other states, and she has been honored with multiple state and national awards. 

Latimore is an excellent teacher and mentor to students. Her willingness to share her passion and expertise with undergraduate and graduate students through courses, technician positions and advising has created a growing group of Spartans trained in science communication for the public. As one of her students noted, she “offers a unique understanding of what it’s like to be an ecologist interested in public engagement, and she has inspired many students to look at careers beyond typical technician or academic positions.” 

For her passion and commitment to protecting Michigan’s valuable water resources and engaging the public and students in this effort, Jo A. Latimore is a most deserving recipient of the Michigan State University Distinguished Academic Staff Award.

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