As a lake association member and lakefront property owner, you recognize the importance of keeping your lake clean. Michigan has more than 23,500 miles of inland lake shoreline, and the condition of that shoreline has a large impact on the health of our lakes. Intense development and conventional landscaping practices contribute to shoreline erosion, polluted runoff and loss of habitat. The Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership has tools and tips to keep your lake cleaner by landscaping lakefront properties in a way that mimics natural shorelines. This will help preserve the things you love most about your lake – clean water, abundant wildlife and good fishing. We have partnered with the Van Buren Conservation District to distribute packets to lake associations in Michigan to provide you with information about natural shoreline landscaping. In return, we ask that you take a short survey (10 questions) that will help focus our efforts in the future.

To take this brief survey, please visit:


We have a limited number of packets, and will distribute them on a first come, first served basis.

For more information on the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership, visit www.mishorelinepartnership.org. If you have any further questions, contact Erin Fuller at the Van Buren Conservation District at erin.fuller@mi.nacdnet.net or (269) 657-4030 x112.

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