Freshwater Future Executive Director Jill Ryan was pleased to present a talk at the recent Michigan Lake and Stream Association Annual Conference about the importance of collaboration, especially in order to control aquatic invasive species. Due to the enthusiasm for protecting water resources and utilizing collaborations in order to succeed shown during the conference, Freshwater Future is now offering up to three grants to ML&SA members for Freshwater Future’s services. Services could include projects to develop a strategic plan, train your board on financial management, develop a fundraising plan, and more! Through a grant, we’ll bring 75% of the cost of our services, you simply add a 25% match. If you have a great organization but want to increase your effectiveness, give us a call to see if our services can help: 231.348.8200 or check out website at www.freshwaterfuture.org and click on services.

Although our staff team has over 60 years experience in protecting rivers, lakes and wetlands, we think the best evidence of our impact comes from our past clients:

“Working with Freshwater Future has helped our group immensely. We are putting all of our financial and fundraising affairs in order, which will help us focus on the project work of protecting the Salmon Trout and Yellow Dog Rivers from a proposed sulfide mine.” Emily Whittaker, Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.

“The ideas and advice we’ve received from Freshwater Future have helped revive a flagging membership and donor cultivation effort within our organization. We’re working on new and innovative programs that are already starting to pay off in new members, and with Freshwater Future’s help we have been plugged into valuable technical support resources that will help us build a long-term membership development and retention system.” Rebecca Fedewa, Flint River Watershed Coalition.

“If we could have had Freshwater Future staff help us with strategy assistance in the beginning, we would have saved much time and better anticipated future hurdles.” – Mary Jo Cullen, Gravel Watch Ontario.

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