The DNR is responsible for nearly 4.6 million acres of public lands owned by Michigan residents. When these lands – state parks, trails, game and wildlife areas, forests and other resources – are well managed, they contribute significantly to the health of Michigan’s residents, environment and economy.

As part the process of updating our public land strategy – which provides a framework for the conservation and management of DNR-managed public lands to ensure their best use for the benefit of our state’s residents, visitors and natural resources – we want to hear what you think about Michigan’s public lands.

Right now, there’s an easy, yet meaningful way to get involved, and it will take just a few minutes. Visit Michigan.gov/PublicLands and use the interactive map to drop a pin on the location of the public lands you value most.

When you drop your pin, you will be invited to complete a three-question survey telling us why public lands matter to you. The results of the survey will assist in the development of the updated strategy.

You also can share your input via email at DNR-LandStrategy@Michigan.gov.

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