On Tuesday, March 17th the Michigan State Senate passed HB 5401, HB 5402 and HB 5463.

We reported on these bills in special legislative updates in February as they were first coming to committee. These bills deal with high water levels and allowing temporary speed limits and fines for violations of the speed limits to protect the shorelines and personal property effected by erosion and water damage.

The committee did make a few changes to the bills; they allowed a third 14 day speed limit reduction to HB 5401 when there is a public hearing and a 6 month plan, as provided by HB 5463, is being implemented. HB 5463 has also been changed to extend the temporary ordinance to up to a year if there is a need to wait for DNR approval.

You can read the history of this new legislation here:

HB 5401

HB 5402

HB 5463

As more water and riparian related bills come through the Michigan legislature we will keep you informed.

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