Our discussion about Lake Monitoring in 2020 was a success, we had 24 participants and a recording of the meeting is available by request (melissa.desimone@mlswa.org). Also, the details about lake monitoring this year can be found in “Love Your Lake? Continue Monitoring in 2020”.

We will continue to meet monthly and welcome your ideas for discussion. Feel free to “zoom” in with the camera and speakers on your computer or call in to the phone number provided.

This month we will discuss Volunteers and Other Topics, our meeting will be on Friday, February 28 at 1:00PM EST, connection details are below:

Join Zoom Meeting Online: https://zoom.us/j/256326654

Call In to the Meeting: 646-558-8656

MLSA in Lansing with Michigan Environmental Council
Love Your Lake? ´╗┐Continue Monitoring in 2020