ICYMI … we have detailed information for what you can do in 2020 to continue your lake monitoring efforts. Please take a look at the information provided at this link: https://www.hrwc.org/what-we-do/programs/2020-lake-monitoring/

We want to thank MSU Extension and the Huron River Watershed Council for their collaboration on this year’s program. The full MiCorps CLMP (Cooperative Lake Monitoring Program) will be available again in 2021.

Dissolved oxygen meters are not available for use from EGLE in 2020. But, MLSA can assist you in purchasing a meter for use in 2020 that will meet EGLE’s requirements. If MLSA orders five or more meters we can get a reduced rate, we are selling at cost with no mark up. Orders must be placed by April 1, 2020.

Click here for the full list of DO Meter options.

Please contact Mike Gallagher: 269-209-1566

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