by Melissa DeSimone, MLSA Executive Director

In case you missed it, the DNR Fisheries Division put out an excellent report in September about wake boats, Fisheries Report 37. The report provides a comprehensive and easy to follow summary of research done on the topic as well as recommendations that would allow the use of wake boats in a safe and responsible way. If you’ve been following along with the articles, conference presentations, studies, and information that Michigan Lakes and Streams Association has been providing for about 10 years, you will know that we are pleased to see a report come out of our own state that addresses this issue. I was recently interviewed by mLIVE for an article about the fisheries report, most of my conversation with the reporter was to help give a general description of a wake boat, how it is used, and what waterfront property owners have expressed about environmental damage and safety concerns. You can read that article here: Michigan DNR eyes inland lake restrictions on wakesurfing boats.

The simple fact is that most people are not familiar with the issues surrounding wake boats at all. I’m willing to bet that your Michigan Senator and Representative do not have a complete understanding of wake boats or the concerns they might cause. So let’s take the first step in creating a solution to the problem. If you would like to see some common sense regulation on the use of wake boats that will protect the environment, property, and safety of others on the water, send Fisheries Report 37 to your Senator and Representative. Below, I’ve included links to help you find your Representative and Senator. Tell your elected officials about your concerns and personal experiences, this will bring the issue forward by giving them the information they need to understand the problem. Then, when legislation is proposed they will be informed and ready to help us make the change we need to protect Michigan’s inland lakes and streams.

Find your Representative here.
Find your Senator here.

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