The Michigan Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Council recently issued its final report to the Governor.  The Michigan Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Council was created by the state legislature in 2011 in order to provide recommendations to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality regarding aquatic invasive species issues. 

The Council had been tasked with developing recommendations regarding an update of the aquatic invasive species state management plan, funding to implement the plan, prevention of the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species, the state’s certification of United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Vessel General Permit (ballast water permit) as well as Phragmites australis control.

The Council also identified top priorities for AIS management initiatives in Michigan, these include preventing the introduction of aquatic species via canals and waterways; preventing the introduction of AIS through ballast water discharges; and preventing the introduction of AIS through organisms in trade.

In its final report to Governor Snyder, the Council also recommended the following actions:

  • The establishment of a long-term, sustainable funding source for AIS management efforts in Michigan;
  • Continuing to enhance state agency communication and coordination efforts;
  • Enhancement of information and education effort;
  • Promoting public/private collaboration to leverage expertise and resources to address Michigan’s AIS priorities;
  • To download a copy of the recently revised Michigan AIS Management Plan,  click here
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