Senate Bill 444 Streamlines Processes and Authorizes Local Governments to Assess Public Boat Launch Fees

Introduced by Senator Tom Casperson in the summer of 2013, Senate Bill 444 provides common sense regulatory relief to lake associations and lake management companies seeking permits from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality authorizing the use of aquatic herbicides in controlling aquatic invasive species. The bill would also authorize local units of government to pass ordinances allowing the collection of boater access fees at some public boat launch facilities. Michigan Lake and Stream Associations and the Michigan Waterfront Alliance supports passage of this bill.  In our view, the language of Senate Bill 444 takes a modest, but nevertheless important step in improving Michigan’s collective response to an increasingly widespread aquatic invasive species problem. We strongly suggest that you contact your respective legislators to contribute your important voice to the support of Senate Bill 444.

To download a copy of Senate Bill 444,  click here

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