ML&SA Corporate Officer Winner of 2016 Honor at the Inland Lakes Convention

Michigan Lake and Stream AssociatiNancy Beckwithons is proud to announce that Ms. Nancy Beckwith of Grand Rapids is the recipient of the “Masters Jacket” Award for 2016. The special award was created many years ago in order to recognize and honor the significant achievements and contributions of individuals directly serving and/or closely affiliated with Michigan Lake and Stream Associations.

Serving in the role of Secretary of Michigan Lake and Stream Associations, Inc. (ML&SA) since 2010, Ms. Beckwith has devoted hundreds of volunteer hours while faithfully serving in her Board of Directors appointed role as an officer of the corporation and as a dedicated volunteer lake water quality monitor within the MiCorps Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program. Her enthusiasm, positive energy, and steadfast commitment in contributing to the achievement of the mission and goals of the organization, and to protecting Michigan’s inland water resources are a source of inspiration to all who serve with her, and exemplifies the important role of volunteers within ML&SA.

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