by Melissa DeSimone, MLSA Executive Director

I have spent some time this year with our new web developer, Ken Campbell, to bring you a new and improved MLSA website. Some of the priorities for the website included better mobile compatibility for phones and other smart devices, a member log in feature so members can access exclusive content, and better overall navigability. I believe we have delivered on all these priorities and I will walk you through them here.

If you are a member or subscriber you have received an email welcoming you to the new mymlsa.org website with a link to get into the website and change your password. If you did not see this email, please check your spam folder and/or email info@mymlsa.org to have it resent to you. Once you are logged in to the website, you can see your most recent membership transaction with MLSA and you can change any contact information we have on file for you.

If you are a member, you can also access a member’s only page with the most recent Michigan Riparian magazines and articles from Attorney Cliff Bloom. Please note: if you are a member through your lake association, a representative from your board is able to access the MLSA website member information. Please consider signing up as an individual member of MLSA or talk to your lake board about access to the member content. The archives for The Michigan Riparian and Cliff Bloom articles older than 3 years are available on the mi-riparian.org website which is now linked at the top of the MLSA page for easy access, the Riparian Magazine website as also been revamped.

Manage Your Account Information

Once you’ve logged in you will be taken to the “Member Welcome” page. On this page, you will be able to click “Access My Account” to check, update, and change your personal information in our files.

Join and Renew Online

You can easily renew your current membership, add a new membership, or sign up for subscriptions for your lake association members by visiting the “New Memberships and Renewals” page. There are three options to join or renew your membership with MLSA.
1. You can complete your full transaction online.
2. You can fill out your personal information online but still put a check in the mail.
3. You can join or renew manually by printing a form, filling it out, and mailing it in with your check.

Please note: the online transactions use paypal but you do not need a paypal account, that is just the company we use to process credit card payments. As a lake association, a credit card payment may not be an option. You could consider creating a paypal account for your association linked to your association’s bank account or we still welcome checks through the mail for your convenience.

Also, if you are a lake association interested in our $14 subscription rate to have The Michigan Riparian magazine sent to your members, you can now do so online by selecting the amount of subscriptions you would like to have or by sending us a check. You will need to have a current lake association membership with MLSA to request those subscriptions.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help you through joining and renewing please call the MLSA office (989-830-5100) and I will be happy to help you.

Access Digital Content

After you log in to the website you will be taken directly to a “Member Welcome” page and there you will find links to all the magazines and attorney writes articles from 2018 to the most current ones. You can view them online and download them onto your computer to view later.

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