Michigan’s “Highest Seniority” Volunteer Inland Lake Water Quality Monitor Retires

October 27, 2011 10:54

Ralph Vogel of Corey Lake Hangs Up His Secchi Disk After 37 Years

Resourceful, practical, all-around-nice-guy, handy, a team player, generous, persistent and stewardship oriented – these are just a small sample of the superlatives that folks in the know have expressed in describing the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program’s (CLMP) “highest seniority” volunteer inland lake water quality monitor – the affable Mr. Ralph Vogel of southwest Michigan’s Corey Lake.

Following a long and fruitful career dedicated to enthusiastically monitoring the water quality in his favorite lake as well as providing outstanding technical and material support to the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program, Ralph will retire at the end of this season to spend more time with his family.

While it is impossible to adequately summarize and honor an active volunteer career which began in the spring of 1974 within the limited confines of a brief newsletter article – for now, we’ll just say that Ralph’s steadfast dedication to the CLMP program has established a measure of long-term excellence for which we all strive.  The entire Michigan Lake and Stream Associations extended statewide family wishes Ralph and his family all the best in retirement.  Please look for a more extensive article on Ralph’s substantive contributions to the CLMP program in the upcoming winter edition of The Michigan Riparian Magazine.


Starry Stonewort Continues to Plague Michigan Inland Lakes

September 15, 2011 00:57

Starry  Stonewort, a highly aggressive and rapidly spreading invasive  macro algae, continues to infect Michigan inland lakes at an alarming rate. Introduced to the Great Lakes region via the ballast water of freighters navigating into the Great Lakes region from the St. Lawrence Seaway, Starry Stonewort (scientific name: Nitellopsis obtusa) was first observed in  Lake St. Clair  in 1986, and was detected in a Flint area inland lake in 2006.

The invasive macro algae, a native of the United Kingdom and Europe, is thought to have infected over two hundred Michigan inland lakes as of the summer of 2011.

Starry Stonewort is often confused with chara, a beneficial, native macro algae that occupies the near bottom shallow areas of many inland lakes.

Inland lakes plagued by Starry Stonewort rapidly lose diverse populations of native  floating, emergent and submerged aquatic plants as increasingly large areas of the lake are covered by light green aquatic “meadows” of  the invasive macro algae. Inland lakes infested with Starry Stonewort often develop very clear water by preventing the re-suspension of bottom sediments and depriving native phytoplankton (various species of native algae) of life sustaining nutrients.


MLSA to Publish New Michigan Waterfront Real Estate Focused Book

August 6, 2011 15:05

ML&SA to Publish  New Real Estate  Focused  Book

Michigan Lake and Stream  Associations is preparing for a  September introduction of it’s latest book devoted to exploring issues associated with waterfront living in Michigan. The new book, entitled Buying and Selling Waterf ront Property in Michigan, is  authored by renowned riparian and water law attorney Cliff Bloom of Grand Rapids.

The nearly three hundred page book will be a “how-to” resource for anyone who is contemplating buying or  selling waterfront property in Michigan.  This book will also be helpful to readers  who currently own or have an  interest in waterfront property, since it also contains a wealth of information regarding  waterfront property ownership, riparian rights, and a variety of other matters regarding the waterfront.

The new book will be available from the ML&SA Central Office by mid-September at a cost of $20.00 per copy plus shipping costs.


MI Senate Bill 509 Seeks MDEQ AIS Advisory Council

July 17, 2011 18:00

In a rare instance of bi-partisan cooperation and support, legislation has been introduced in the Michigan Senate that would establish an Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Council within the Department of Environmental Quality.

Introduced by Senator Howard Walker of Traverse City with a substantial number of Republican and Democratic co-sponsors, Senate Bill 509 would amend Public Act 451- Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act of 1994 by adding Part 414 – Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Council.

The legislation recognizes that “aquatic invasive species (AIS) are a threat to public health and safety, the environment and natural resources, and the economy. AIS are a serious threat to the ecological integrity and uses of the Great Lakes.”

The AIS Advisory Council would be tasked with updating Michigan’s AIS Management Plan, developing and adapting model AIS programs as well as collaborating with other Great Lakes states and provinces to “ensure a coordinated and consistent response to aquatic invasive species” within the region.

The AIS Advisory Council would consist of the Directors of the DEQ, DNR, Agriculture and Rural Development, MDOT, the Attorney General as well as several other representatives appointed by the Governor, Senate Majority leader and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Michigan House and Senate are expected to take further action on the proposed legislation upon their return from summer vacation in early September.

Partnership Prepares Contractors to Work at the Water’s Edge

June 3, 2011 13:32

MI Natural Shoreline Partnership Prepares Contractors to Work at the Water’s Edge.
Learning Lake Friendly Methods to Restore Lakefront Shorelines.

The Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership, a highly successful Department of Environmental Quality led collaborative initiative whose mission is to promote natural shoreline landscaping to protect Michigan’s inland lakes, has now trained and certified nearly one hundred marine and landscape contractors from around the state to work at the water’s edge. more »

Glen Lake Association Receives National Award

June 3, 2011 13:27

Glen Lake Association Receives National Award
Recognized for Outreach and Education in Fish Habitat Conservation

Lawton Gallagher Group Press Release

Washington, D.C.- The Glen Lake Association has received a 2011 National Fish Habitat Action Plan (NFHAP) Award – one of four winners selected from organizations throughout the United States. The award honors associations for their extraordinary achievement in Fish Habitat Conservation. more »

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