by Paul J Sniadecki, MLSA Board Director

The following was first reported in the December 28, 2017 edition of  The Daily Tribune,  19176 Hall Road, Clinton Township, MI

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners is partnering with the county’s health division and the Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps) to provide county residents with free training and equipment to monitor lake water quality next summer.

Through the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP), residents will learn how to take weekly samples and conduct a survey of aquatic invasive species from mid-May through mid-September. All volunteers must have access to a boat. Those interested should attend one of two informational sessions in February and the required training in May.

County Board Chairperson Michael Gingell said the county is excited to partner with the program to provide residents with valuable resources to monitor the health of area lakes. (NOTE: Oakland County has more lakes than any other county in Michigan.) “Together we can help preserve and protect hundreds of lakes across Oakland County for generations to come,” said Gingell.

In August, the county received $200,000 in state grants, federal funds, and beach monitoring supplies from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the highest amount of any county in the state.

County Commissioner Dave Woodward said the partnership is a win-win for protecting the county’s lakes. He said the program will help to protect the county’s waterways for years to come.

To read the full article posted by The Daily Tribune, follow this link: http://www.dailytribune.com/general-news/20171228/oakland-county-partners-with-michigan-clean-water-corps-to-provide-residents-with-free-water-quality-training-and-equipment

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