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Erin Fuller of the Van Buren Conservation District

Erin Fuller of the Van Buren Conservation District

Michigan: Land of 11,000 lakes with 1,250 townships and 83 counties who all share a role in keeping our inland lakes clean for future generations.

Last week, a gathering  of local officials and concerned citizens learned in depth the benefits of inland lakes to communities, the regulations that govern them, and the opportunities for enhancing protection at the local level thanks to a workshop organized by the Van Buren Conservation District, and co-sponsored by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and the Michigan Lake and Stream Associations. The workshop was funded in part with an Environmental Protection Agency Wetlands Program Development grant.

“We’re  trying to reach out to local governments and community members who are passionate  about their inland lakes and trying to give them tools that they need to protect those in their communities,” said Erin Fuller of the Van Buren Conservation District and workshop coordinator. “We also had a lot of lakefront property owners and lake association members here. I think that’s where a lot of this starts. That’s where people have the passion – they’re passionate about their lakes and they’ll take this information back to their communities and officials. Hopefully it will snowball.”

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