Encouraging Local Marinas and Lake Associations to Recycle

by Jim Heinsimer, Waterford Lakes Association President

Why recycle boat covers?

  • For every bag recycled, there is a savings of 115 Kwh of energy, 13.5 gallons of oil, and 16-20 cubic ft. of landfill space.
  • Businesses can save money in disposal fees associated with dumpster rental, landfill fees, and hauling.
  • Looks great on a Clean Marina application or recertification.
  • Recycling boat covers fuels the circular economy of Michigan. Recycled plastics from this program are used by domestic manufacturers, giving your used plastic a new life as new products.

How does my marina or group participate?

  1. Buy your EZ Fill Recycle Run bags at the Dr. Shrink website. When you buy your recycling bag, it is a one-time fee that covers pickup, haul-away, and processing directly from your business or group.
  2. Each bag comes with a zip tie to seal the bag, along with instructions on how to register and remove your boat covers. Make sure you remove all zippers, buckles and vents before packing your bag. Bags are industrial size and can hold covers from up to a 32’ boat (1 large cover or 1-3 small covers).
  3. For direct pick-up of your boat covers you must register for a minimum of 15 bags. Locations in the UP must meet a 70 bag minimum.
  4. Program coordinators will reach out to schedule a pick-up in May-August.

Recycling for individual boaters

For boaters with less than 5 boat covers, you may call Dr. Shrink directly at (800) 968-5147 to chose your best shipping options.

Further instructions and information about the program can be found on the Michigan Recycling Coalition’s program webpage. If you must wrap your boats in plastic, do the responsible thing by recycling and encourage others in your area to do the same!

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