by Paul J Sniadecki, Board Director

Results are in! Dr. Jo Latimore, MSU, announced that volunteers in Michigan’s Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch (EAPW) searched 38 Michigan lakes this summer. The “terrible trio” of Eurasian watermilfoil, curly-leaf pondweed, and starry stonewort were found in 19 lakes. The good news is that the citizen monitors discovered no new European frog-bit infestations/contaminations. EAPW is part of the MiCorps/Cooperative Lake Monitoring Program (CLMP), and the EAPW parameter has been measured since 2007.

Michigan’s Specialty Fund Raising License Plate – Water Quality, provides some funding for the Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch program.

For decades, Michigan has prepared a State Management Plan (SMP) for Invasive Species and a “Watch List” for Invasive Species not yet found in Michigan. On the Michigan Watch List are: Parrot Feather, European Frog-bit, Yellow Floating Heart, Water Hyacinth, European Water Clover, Water Lettuce, Water Chestnut, Hydrilla, Water Soldier, and Brazilian Elodea. Participants in the EAPW program are positioned to realize early detection of any watch list plants that might have contaminated/infested their lake.

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