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Riparian Rights and Waterfront Legal Issues Archives

The archive of past articles of Attorney Writes from noted riparian rights and water law attorney Clifford H. Bloom, Esq. This archive goes up to 2019, the documents are in PDF and made available by MLSA.

You will find the most current Attorney Writes articles HERE and will need an MLSA membership for access.

The information provided on or through this website and its links is for informational purposes only and does not constitute the giving or offering of legal, accounting, technical or other professional advice or counsel.  Although Michigan Lakes & Streams Association, Inc. (“MLSA”) strives to be accurate, errors do occasionally occur. This website (and any information contained hereon or any links hereto) is not a substitute for legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Using or accessing this website (or any page, matter or link on this website) does not create an attorney-client relationship or other professional-client relationship.

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Magazine Column:
Article Title
Link to ArticleIssue Date
Amicus Curiae BriefsDownload PDF7/7/2003
Michigan Supreme CourtX1/11/2004
Lake Front Legal IssuesDownload PDF2/1/2004
Chauvette V OwczarekDownload PDF11/29/2006
Riparianism for the Great LakesDownload PDF5/1/2008
Wetlands - Not Swampsx5/1/2008
MI Supreme Court Reviews Tomecek Vs BevasDownload PDF7/26/2008
MI Supreme Court Corrects Sunseekers DecisionDownload PDF7/26/2008
Free Lake Weed TreatmentDownload PDF"7/26/2008
MI Court of Appeals on Riparian Boundary LinesDownload PDF" 10/1/2008
Riparians and Estate PlanningDownload PDF10/1/2008
MI Lake Homeowners Assn, Inc V Keeler Townshipx1/3/2009
Am I a Lakefront Property Owner?Download PDF1/3/2009
Two More Pro-Riparian Road End Court Opinionsx4/7/2009
Amicus Curiae Briefs-MLSA & MWAI working for you!Download PDF4/7/2009
Maximum EnforcementDownload PDF4/7/2009
Uh-Oh... Parallel Roads case at Lake Charlevoixx6/1/2009
Montcalm County-Jacobs V Lyon Twp Road End Casex6/17/2009
Yet Another Pro-Riparian CaseDownload PDF9/30/2009
Weed Whackerx2/10/2010
Take Advantage of the PauseDownload PDF9/4/2010
ML&SA and MWA Work for You: Amicus Briefsx9/4/2010
MI Supreme Court to Hear Appeal: Baum V Bable Download PDF9/4/2010
A Clear-cut Riparian Victory in Barry CountyDownload PDF9/4/2010
You Win Some and You Lose SomeDownload PDF9/9/2010
Proposed MI Legislation on Public Trust DoctrineDownload PDF9/9/2010
Important Riparian Appellate CasesDownload PDF9/9/2010
Are Artificial Lakes in Michigan Real?Download PDF9/9/2010
Yours Mine or TheirsDownload PDF9/9/2010
Lk. Property--Tax Assessment: Appeal or Not?Download PDF9/20/2010
To Litigate or Not to Litigate?x1/20/2011
Natural Landscaping or Blight?x2/16/2011
2000 Baum Family Trust v Babel - R.I.P.Download PDF5/4/2011
Dock Permits on MI Lakes Tied to the Great LakesLx5/4/2011
Lake and Lake Access Issuesx5/14/2011
No Good Deed Goes UnpunishedDownload PDF8/24/2011
Two More Interesting Lake Access Easement CasesDownload PDF8/24/2011
Do I Need a Permit Before Installing My DockDownload PDF12/26/2011
Why ML&SA and MWA?Download PDF12/27/2011
Buying - Selling Waterfront Property-The PitfallsDownload PDF1/1/2012
What Permits Needed to Install a Seawall?Download PDF1/1/2012
Public Road End Bill is Almost Michigan LawDownload PDF5/1/2012
Beachwalker Case--Some Seven Years HenceDownload PDF5/1/2012
ArmageddonDownload PDF5/1/2012
What Riparian Rights Do Canal Property Owners HaveDownload PDF5/1/2012
You Can't Do That -- Deed RestrictionsDownload PDF6/1/2012
The New Public Road Ends at Lakes LawDownload PDF6/1/2012
Legal for Someone to Build Cottage Blociking ViewDownload PDF10/1/2012
What are Easements? (2013)Download PDF6/1/2013
Can ORV be Driven on Beach?Download PDF10/1/2013
Land Gaps at Lakesx1/14/2014
Aquatic Assessment DistrictsDownload PDF1/15/2014
A New Road End BillDownload PDF1/29/2014
Keeping the Family Cottage: New Tax BenefitDownload PDF1/29/2014
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Plats!x1/29/2014
Limits on Prescriptive Easements-Private Road EndsDownload PDF1/30/2014
Improper Dock and Boat Moored (Dock Wars)Download PDF1/30/2014
Potpourri 2012Download PDF1/30/2014
Unusual Local, but Helpful, RegulationsDownload PDF1/30/2014
Another Court Case that Restricts Lake AccessDownload PDF2/1/2014
What is an Easement? (2014)Download PDF2/1/2014
The Road Ends Problem Solved - AlmostDownload PDF2/1/2014
Of Mosquitoes and Killer Beesx2/1/2014
You CANNOT Give it AwayDownload PDF4/15/2014
Liability Potential for AssociationsDownload PDF7/15/2014
What is RiparianDownload PDF10/15/2014
What to do About a FreeloaderDownload PDF1/15/2015
Passing the BuckDownload PDF4/15/2015
Artificial Or RealDownload PDF7/15/2015
On-Lake RegulationsDownload PDF10/15/2015
Municipalities with No Lake AccessDownload PDF3/21/2016
Road EndsDownload PDF3/21/2016
IncorporationDownload PDF3/21/2016
Weed ControlDownload PDF3/21/2016
Property Drainage IssuesDownload PDF3/21/2016
Trojan HorseDownload PDF3/21/2016
Permit Requirements: Permit MeDownload PDF3/21/2016
Public Access--Rights and RequirementsDownload PDF3/21/2016
Top 10 Excuses-Are you Kidding Me?Download PDF3/23/2016
Why Funneling is BadDownload PDF3/23/2016
Maximum EnforcementDownload PDF3/23/2016
What Hath Michigan Court of Appeals Wrought?Download PDF3/23/2016
Zoning Tools Affecting RipariansDownload PDF3/23/2016
Adverse Possession and Prescriptive EasementsDownload PDF3/23/2016
Pro-Riparian Appellate Cases Regarding Lk. AccessDownload PDF3/23/2016
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What Can Be Done to Regulate Jet Skis?Read Article
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Attorney Writes: Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easements: A Prescription for Adversity?Read Article2003 Spring
Attorney Writes: Recent Cases of InterestRead Article
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Michigan Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal of Higgins Lake POA v Gerrish TWP CaseRead Article2003 Winter
Attorney Writes: The Top Eleven Threats to RipariansRead Article2003 Winter
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Pro-Riparian Michigan Appellate Court Cases Regarding Lake Access EasementsRead Article2004 Spring
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Attorney Writes: Current Topics of InterestRead Article
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Attorney Writes: But the Realtor Told Me...Read Article2004 Winter
Recent Michigan Appellate Cases of InterestRead Article2004 Winter
Attorney Writes: No More Excuses for MunicipalitiesRead Article
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2005 Fall
Recent EventsRead Article
Version 2
2005 Spring
Beach Walker Case DecisionRead Article
Version 2
2005 Spring
Attorney Writes: Liability ConcernsRead Article
Version 2
2005 Spring
Attorney Writes: A Blueprint to Protect Your LakeRead Article
Version 2
2005 Summer
Higgins Lake Road Ends - Backlotters Lose AgainRead Article2005 Winter
Attorney Writes: The Beach Walker CaseRead Article
Version 2
2005 Winter
Attorney Writes: Debunking MythsRead Article
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2006 Fall
Attorney Writes: Associations: What good are they?Read Article
Version 2
2006 Spring
Attorney Writes: New Michigan Appellate CasesRead Article
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2006 Summer
Attorney Writes: Debunking Myths: Part IIRead Article
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2006 Winter
Attorney Writes: Odds and Ends...Read Article
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2007 Fall
Attorney Writes: Attorney Writes: Some Favorable Riparian Appellate CasesRead Article2007 Spring
Attorney Writes: Buyer and Builder Beware!Read Article
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Attorney Writes: Docks and RightsRead Article
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2007 Winter
Attorney Writes: Bottomlands OwnershipRead Article2016 Fall
Attorney Writes: The All-Important Purchase/Sales AgreementRead Article2016 Spring
Ask the Experts: Has any lake association asked to be taxed as a special assessment district to pay for preservation of the lake frontage or island property? Is this a legal option for an association looking to prevent over-development of their lake?Read Article2016 Spring
Another Road End Case from the Michigan Court of AppealRead Article2016 Spring
Attorney Writes: The Freedom to Assemble...Read Article2016 Summer
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