Hitting mailboxes now, the spring issue is full of great articles. Here are the links and resources that support those articles:

Duck Lake, Fighting for the Future of a UP Lake

Duck Lake Riparians Association Website
Invasive Species Control Coalition of Watersmeet (ISCCW) Website
Short Documentary about Watersmeet Lakeguards: video link
Some additional information about Eurasian Watermilfoil: MSU EWM Research

Why Zoning Matters:
Exploring Innovative Waterfront Zoning in Evangeline Township

Part II of this series on zoning continues, packed with important information. Don’t forget about this great resource, available as a PDF: Protecting Michigan’s Inland Lakes: A Guide for Local Governments

Herbicide Treatments: Are they linked to fish kills?

Use this resource to report issues near you: DNR Eyes in the Field

Recycling Michigan Boat Covers

Promote recycling of plastic boat covers with this program:
Recycle Run Program link

MiCorps CLMP Deadlines
The 2022 Michigan Invasive Species Report