By Mike Gallagher, MLSA President

Have you noticed that some shorelines have changed on the inland lakes of Michigan?  Thanks to the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership, MNSP, many lakefront property owners are now choosing to have a natural shoreline rather than a vertical metal or concrete seawall.  They have found that a natural shoreline can be more beautiful and more beneficial to their lake while also being one that can be enjoyed by swimmers, guests and fishermen. 

This past spring the MNSP successfully trained and certified 77 landscapers who now know the best techniques, and have the skills for creating a natural shoreline.  Over the years, hundreds of professionals have been certified. A nearby Certified Natural Shoreline Professional, CNSP, to help you with your project can be found right here. Mishorelinepartnership.org/find-a-shoreline-contractor.html   If you are considering a shoreline project next summer, now is the time to begin planning.  Give a CNSP a call today. Also, be aware that obtaining the necessary permits from the EGLE/DEQ is not a quick process.

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