MNSP and EGLE have new resources to help you start planning!

If cold weather doesn’t do it for you, it’s never too early to start thinking about spring planting and enjoying the warmer seasons to come. The Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership has updated their native plant resource page to include some very useful additions. Check out the native plant nursery map for locations near you: Find Native Plants.

Illustrations and Plans

Six new documents were created with illustrations and corresponding plans to some best management practices for shoreline protection and lake health that are consistent with EGLE permit guidance. Seawall replacement with Native Buffer Strip; Lower Energy Bioengineering; Higher Energy Bioengineering; Riprap; Docks and Boardwalks through a Wetland; Shoreline Woody Structure. These have recently been published on EGLE’s Shoreline Protection website.

Fact Sheets

Five new fact sheets covering low energy bioengineeringbiotechnical erosion controlaquatic plantsshoreline woody structure, and soil lifts have recently been published on EGLE’s Shoreline Protection website.

A Quick Reference for Contractors

While there are many bioengineering design solutions for lake shorelines this new quick guide offers tips and reminders on many of the basic design concepts.  This is not meant to replace a full understanding of designing shoreline solutions but can help make some of the math a bit easier. There are currently no hard copies available but it can be downloaded from the MNSP website.

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