Letter from Charles M. Simon, Chief of Regulatory Branch, Operations Division

The Detroit District, Corps of Engineers Regulatory Office (Corps) would like to offer your organization an opportunity to learn more about the Corps Regulatory Program through our outreach program. We are available to hold virtual presentations with waterfront property owners and other interested groups regarding the permit requirements for structures, work, and placement of dredged or fill material in wetlands and waterways. Through our presentations, we provide information, resources, and personal contacts for those seeking guidance with the permit process or other aspects of the Regulatory Program.

We are now offering these outreach presentations at your request. Corps staff is available to meet virtually with your organization and cover topics such as:

  • Working in regulated waterways, wetlands, and along shorelines;
  • Corps jurisdiction,
  • Permit requirements, including any for projects typical of your area;
  • How to apply for permits;
  • Other services the Corps Regulatory Office provides.

Presentations are provided by Corps staff at no cost. We welcome the opportunity to discuss tailoring a presentation to your organization’s interests as they relate to the Corps Regulatory Program. I encourage you to share this information with others who may be interested in the Corps outreach program. If you have questions or would like to schedule a virtual outreach presentation for your organization, please contact us by e-mail at LRE_Reg_Outreach@usace.army.mil. To learn more about the Corps Detroit District Regulatory Program, please visit our website.

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