Our organization was formed in 1961 as the Michigan Lake and Stream Associations, INC (MLSA).  MLSA was created as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation made up of organizations, corporations, associations, and individuals who share the goal of preserving and protecting Michigan’s vast heritage of freshwater resources and protecting riparian rights.  Through the years the dedicated work of MLSA members achieved much and “Michigan Lake and Stream Associations, INC” became a “brand name” for all things riparian, and the same was associated with the often used vernacular term of “Michigan Lakes and Streams Association, INC.”

In 2018, the then Board of MLSA voted to change our name to Michigan Lake Stewardship Associations, INC.  (Still “MLSA” and use of the plural for association). The reason in short was to focus on inland lakes and stewardship. 

Since then we have been faced with constant questions like the following small sample:

  • Are you still doing what the former MLSA did?
  • Where do individual members fit-in for an organization that says it is for “Lake Stewardship Associations”?
  • My lake association is so much more than just “stewardship.” How do we fit-in if we also do social, recreational, and community/neighborhood building?   
  • Can we still call you “Michigan Lakes and Streams” as that is what we called your for so long and see no reason for the change? 
  • Our lake has an inlet and an outlet, which are streams (as many lakes do), so aren’t you going to help me with those resources?

Accordingly, we have heard your concerns and respect the needs of our current and future members!   On August 8, the MLSA board held a Special Meeting and voted with a “super-majority” to change our legal name to “MICHIGAN LAKES AND STREAMS ASSOCIATION, INC” (MLSA) as it has been used by so many people for so many years.  We also committed ourselves to using a strategic plan to serve, educate and represent our members as in the past. We also resolved to take steps and initiate programs that significantly expand our educational efforts and focus on riparian rights. 

We appreciate the direct and critical input from so many of our members and other interested parties.  Without you, positive change would not be possible. You told us, we listened… we then took action, and the best of MLSA is yet to come!  Continue to join us, and work with us, as we as we expand MLSA! The waters we love will appreciate what we do!

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