Michigan Lake and Stream Associations extends a hearty congratulations to George SanFacon and John Gajar of the Mud Lake Community Association for compiling, writing and publishing the “Mud Lake Handbook”, a well written and organized book dedicated to the natural history, ecology and community-based management of Mud Lake, a 119 acre freshwater gem located near Brooklyn, Michigan in the Irish Hills.

While the “Mud Lake Handbook” provides readers with an interesting and enlightening look at the natural and anthropological history of Mud Lake, the authors greatest contribution lies in the fact that they had the wisdom and foresight to provide a section emphasizing the importance of  building a sense of community whose energy can then be harnessed to effectively manage the ever changing lake.

A “Mud Lake Handbook” should serve as both a guide and an example to other lake associations in Michigan. In a state possessing over 11,000 relatively high quality inland lakes, the importance of the role of lake associations in managing our inland lakes cannot be overstated.

Michigan Lake and Stream Associations is hopeful that a “Mud Lake Handbook” will inspire others to create and document a basic inland lake management plan.  Less than one percent of the lake associations in Michigan have created a lake management plan to help guide their collective efforts to preserve the value of their lake and their personal investment in their lakefront homes.

The “Mud Lake Handbook” can be ordered from Charing Cross Press in Ann Arbor by calling 734-971-3455.


2013 MNSP Shallow and Shorelines Conference