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Government and Legal Issues


MLSA has compiled some resources for working with local government and navigating legal issues that might arise on the water or with riparian associations. Laws can change frequently, we do not legally guarantee the information and offer it only for educational purposes. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or suggestions for this section, we always appreciate your feedback: info@mymlsa.org

Riparian Legal Issues

This section provides basic information about riparian legal rights.

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Michigan Marine Law & Boater Safety

Be a responsible boater, make sure you know the law!

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Toolkit for Local Government

Walk through strategies for working with your local government.

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Local Government Resources

Additional resources regarding lakes and streams for local government officials.

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Marketable Record Title Act

Resources to help you understand the Marketable Record Title Act and how to file a claim.

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Special Assessment Districts

What you need to know about creating and maintaining a special assessment district for your water improvement project.

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