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What We Do


We represent a unified voice for riparians in the state-wide work that protects and preserves Michigan’s inland freshwater.

The Michigan Riparian magazine is Michigan’s only magazine dedicated to the unique lifestyle and interests of thousands of riparian residents. As a member of Michigan Lakes and Streams Association, you will receive four issues per year of The Michigan Riparian.

As Michigan’s riparian education organization, we are dedicated to bringing the latest lake and stream related news and information to our riparian members through our email newsletter. Sign up to receive our emails.

We provide graduate and undergraduate grant and scholarship opportunities for students in fields related to freshwater studies.

We facilitate networking and collaboration between riparians and lake associations through regional meetings and webinars for all concerned citizens. You can find our recordings of our past events on our YouTube channel. We sponsor and arrange workshops, meetings and seminars in person. Contact us to schedule an event in your area.

We are dedicated to the support and encouragement of our state’s thousands of riparian lake and stream associations. We also promote the creation of lake and stream riparian associations as a means of collectively addressing issues relative to the preservation and protection of our freshwater resources.

Our well-attended annual conference has been bringing riparians together to better understand and protect the waters of Michigan since MLSA’s inception.

Partnerships are central to our work and include the Michigan DNR and EGLE, the Michigan Inland Lake Partnership, the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership, the Michigan Chapter of NALMS, our state’s universities and colleges (GVSU, MSU Extension, Northwestern Michigan College, and others), and non‐profit organizations across the country. We provide funding for our partner’s projects and programs, like the Michigan Shoreland Stewards website as well as the sponsorship of conferences and events.

With our Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps) partners led by the Michigan Department of EGLE, we serve as program administrator for one of the most successful and largest citizen volunteer lake water quality monitoring programs in the United States, the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP). It has received national recognition for quality, management, and cost effectiveness. The program enables lake associations and individuals to measure the physical, biological, and chemical parameters of inland lakes. Volunteer monitors are trained and equipped to monitor the following inland lake parameters:

  • Secchi Disk – Water Transparency
  • Spring and Summer Total Phosphorus
  • Chlorophyll a – a measure of how much algae is present in your lake’s water column
  • Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature
  • Exotic Plant Watch
  • Aquatic Plant Identification

We produce and distribute educational materials that identify and suggest actions lake associations and local units of government may take to prevent water quality degradation as well as protect the health, safety, and welfare of Michigan citizens.

We provide important and timely legislative updates on matters in Lansing that could impact our lakes and streams.

In cooperation with our attorney, Cliff Bloom, MLSA files amicus curiae briefs with the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court to advise the court on our position regarding the important water resources management and riparian rights legal issues being considered by the courts.