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It’s not too late to contribute to Phase II of research with the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory as they explore boat wakes on inland lakes. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Phase I and what they have planned for this next phase that will look at the bottomlands, you can take a look at the Healthy Lakes Initiative website and help fund the study by making a donation.

New Rule Proposed for Vermont Lakes

A petition process currently pending with the ANR in Vermont to help mitigate the harmful effects of boat wakes on their inland lakes has been of interest to MLSA. The work done by the group, Responsible Wakes for Vermont Lakes, leading up to this point has been quite comprehensive and impressive. Michigan is governed under a different system so a process like this is unlikely but we have learned a lot from this work in Vermont:

Vermont Use of Public Waters Rules
Proposed Change to § 3 for Managing Wake Boats and Their Activities on Vermont Lakes and Ponds
Filed On: March 9, 2022
Filed By: Responsible Wakes for Vermont Lakes
Purpose: The petition proposes to manage and regulate the operation of wake boats and their use in the activities of wakesurfing and wakeboarding on Vermont lakes and ponds.

Supporting documents and further information can be found on the Lakes and Ponds Rulemaking webpage, it is listed 3rd down on the page and you will find the full petition and recordings of the proceedings so far. If we had a similar petition process, would you want a rule like this one?

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