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by Paul J.Sniadecki, MLSA Board Director


Part 301, Part 303, and Part 325 of the NREPA authorize the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Water Resources Division (WRD), to define types of regulated activities that would be expected to have only minor impacts and that can, therefore, be reviewed through an expedited permit application process. The updated MP document, issued on September 24, 2018,  defines those activities that the WRD has determined are Minor Project(MP) categories and also defines the legal authority and limitations for their use.

Also on Septmber 24, 2018, the MDEQ issued the updated General Permit (GP) document. The purpose of this GP is to allow the WRD to evaluate permit applications for many minor activities without he delay of public noticing or site inspecting specific projects.  The objective of the GP is to reduce the time and cost of the permit process for applicants proposing minor activities and to reduce the costs of administering the program while protecting aquatic resources.  Please note that the GP does not define projects that will be authorized, but only those that may be considered for accelerated processing. Applications under the GP may be issued, modified, or denied. Authorization will be issued only if it is determined that the proposed activity is in accordance with the criteria and requirements of the NREPA.

The issued documents have some changes from prior issues, and Riparians are encouraged to reviewthem before taking any action that requiresa permit.  To viewthe documents, followthis link to the DEQ: