MLSA has heard the concerns of many of our members about the wave action of large wakeboats around inland lakes and waterways. We have developed a relationship with an organization in Minnesota called, SafeWakes who are working to bring scientific evidence to this issue. MLSA has voted contribute funds in support their efforts on this project and we invite you to join us!

The University of Minnesota’s St. Anthony Falls Laboratory will be conducting the research. This project will measure the height and energy of wakes, and the force of propeller wash generated by wake boats and other large watercraft. SafeWakes believes this will help build a better understanding of how to best manage and protect our lakes and rivers. This study is not being funded by state or federal dollars, but by individuals, lake associations, and other interested stakeholders.

Please consider making a contribution to this privately funded research project: https://crowdfund.umn.edu/WakeStudy
For more information about this project, you may wish to review this document: St. Anthony Falls Laboratory Wake and Prop Wash Study

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