ML&SA to Publish  New Real Estate  Focused  Book

Michigan Lake and Stream  Associations is preparing for a  September introduction of it’s latest book devoted to exploring issues associated with waterfront living in Michigan. The new book, entitled Buying and Selling Waterf ront Property in Michigan, is  authored by renowned riparian and water law attorney Cliff Bloom of Grand Rapids.

The nearly three hundred page book will be a “how-to” resource for anyone who is contemplating buying or  selling waterfront property in Michigan.  This book will also be helpful to readers  who currently own or have an  interest in waterfront property, since it also contains a wealth of information regarding  waterfront property ownership, riparian rights, and a variety of other matters regarding the waterfront.

The new book will be available from the ML&SA Central Office by mid-September at a cost of $20.00 per copy plus shipping costs.


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