The Practical Guide to Lakefront Living: Enjoying & Conserving Your Lake


Book by various authors, published by Michigan Lakes and Streams Association

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Published with Michigan lakefront homeowners in mind, The Practical Guide to Lakefront Living: Enjoying and Conserving Your Lake, is a 78 page guidebook that covers an array of topics of interest to the stewardship minded riparian. Covering a wide range of topics including a basic primer on lake ecology, the benefits of native aquatic plants, natural shorelines , non-point source pollution, aquatic invasive species, conservation oriented fishing, e-coli and swimmers itch, riparian rights and water law, land conservancy, working with local government officials, and proper dock placement, as well as a discussion of special assessment districts and the role of lake associations in lake management, and many more timely and relevant topics, the guide is a must have for homeowners interested in preserving the ecological health and the economic value of their lake and their lakefront property.