Lake & Stream-Side Living Brochure

Download the brochure here

Understand and Protect Your Inland Lake or Stream

To learn more about your lake’s ecosystem, visit “Water on the Web”, a well written and easy to understand on-line educational resource brought to you through a collaborative partnership of the University of Minnesota and the National Science Foundation.

Explore Your Watershed

To learn more about the watershed of which your lake is an integral part, please visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s on-line “Watershed Training Academy” at

Ditch Lawn Fertilizer

To learn more about less harmful methods of caring for your lakefront lawn,  visit the Michigan State University Turfgrass Science site at

Create a Rain Garden

For information on creating a lakefront rain garden, visit the West Michigan Environmental Action Committee  sponsored  website dedicated to creating and maintaining eco-friendly rain gardens at

Bring Back Natural Shorelines

To explore methods and practices for preserving or restoring natural features to your lakefront property shoreline, visit the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership program website at

Enroll in MiCorps

For more info about this outstanding program, visit the MiCorps CLMP website at

Preserve Native Aquatic Plants

To learn more about the important role of aquatic plants in inland lake ecosystems, visit this well written Wisconsin DNR website resource at

Learn to Identify Exotic Species

To  learn  more  about aquatic exotic species and what you can do to  prevent and/or slow the spread of these destructive invaders, visit the MI Sea Grant program information website at