By Paul Steen
MiCorps Program Manager
Huron River Watershed Council

Stop invasive plants before they harm your lake!  Dr. Jo Latimore has written a new blog for the MiCorps website.  Included in the blog is a video that describes the Exotic Plant Watch program.  Check it out!  https://micorps.net/blog/stop-invasive-plants-eapw-2017/

Speaking of exotic plants, that is one of the parameters that the MiCorps teams trains volunteers on at our annual training (along with Secchi Disk Transparency, Phosphorus, Chlorophyll, etc).   This year, there will be two trainings!  One in the Lower Peninsula, and one in the Upper.

Info on Lower Peninsula lake training (April 21 and 22): https://micorps.net/events/2017-clmp-training/

Info on Upper Peninsula lake training (May 3):  https://micorps.net/events/2017-clmp-training-up/


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