Watch the campaign video here: https://youtu.be/ow-GCx3WJCM

The St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) Healthy Waters Initiative conducts robust research on Minnesota’s lakes and rivers. In 2020, with generous community support (including the donation from MLSA and many of you!), SAFL researchers used specialized sensors to characterize the surface waves of various recreational boats. Now, they are preparing to further characterize the propeller wash that is generated by these boats.

At MLSA’s 61st Annual Conference in May of this year, we featured a presentation about the Phase I Research from the St. Anthony Fall Laboratory (SAFL). This presentation was, hands down, the favorite session indicated by our conference participants. Many attendees also indicated that they want to know more, here is our opportunity.

The Board of Directors of MLSA has enthusiastically and unanimously voted to support this next phase of research focusing on propeller wash by SAFL with another $10,000 contribution. Our donation has helped to get the campaign started but they are looking for further funding. Please check out the campaign website and consider an additional donation on behalf of your association and your favorite waterbody.

Your membership and support of Michigan Lakes and Streams Association helps us to contribute to this important research. Thank you!

Happy Lakes Appreciation Month -- July 2022 Newsletter
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