By Paul J Sniadecki, Board Director

MLSA is pleased to announce our State-Wide AIS Information Database is now open for the entry of 2020 data from Michigan inland lakes and streams. Now in its second year of operation, this MLSA resource is the only one of its kind in Michigan, and is providing valuable summary information for State and Local decision makers.

While we never release your water body’s full data AIS and Control Cost to third parties, MLSA has provided summary statistical reports to Lake Associations and State Committees for their action. With 147 lakes participating in 2019, we have documented the spread of various AIS infestations and the annual costs incurred for the eradication/control of Michigan’s expanding AIS problems.

Even if your water body is “AIS Free”, we request you enter your data so that we have all relevant information available as of 2020.

When you are ready to submit your 2020 information, please follow this LINK and if you are uneasy using Google Docs, No Worries!  We can assist you with data entry. Please gather the following info, and send it to info@mymlsa.org, or leave a phone message for our Executive Director: 989-831-5100.

Survey Database Questions:

Email address for Lake Contact?
What is the name of your lake? (Please fill out a new form if you have multiple lakes)
What size is your lake in acres?
Does your lake have a public access?
What county of Michigan is your lake located in?
In what year did your lake first expend funds for AIS control/eradication?
How much money did your lake association/group spend on AIS management in 2020?
How is payment for your AIS control and eradication effort funded?
What type of AIS control did your lake association/group perform in 2020?
What types of AIS do you monitor and/or manage on your lake?
Does your lake participate in CLMP (Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program)?
Does your lake track and record additional data parameters separate from CLMP?
Do you have any other comments about AIS control on your lake?

It will only take a few minutes to enter your 2020 data, and that will assist MLSA’s continuing efforts for AIS control and efforts to obtain needed funding sources. Thank you for your participation!

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